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What is the Kids Party Jesus In Time?

It is an event organized by Little Big Heroes for the children in the churches. We aim to create the best experience for the kids. A safe place with lots of fun, but above all, a space where they can have a genuine experience with Jesus.

We have prepared five stations where the children can experience a few of Jesus’ most amazing moments. For each station, we’ve included the setting, costume suggestions, activities and games (for kids of all ages), and as a skit.

"When we started our journey through the different stages, we dove into a world of imagination. The kids became little explorers and personally experienced different stages in Jesus’ life. This activity awakened their curiosity to learn many more amazing stories in the Bible."

Pastor Leidy Chávez
Misión Carismatica Internacional (Bucaramanga, Colombia)

"We were able to see how the material and activities became the solution for one of the biggest challenges of the season: to direct the children’s attention to Jesús. We are so happy and proud to be a small extension of the joined efforts of a church to reach more people for Christ."

Pastors David & Jenny
Spanish Speaking Ministry (Adelaide, Australia)

"On the 31st of October of last year, we had our Kids Party at G12 Church in Miami. We had never seen a church so full of new faces and so many families having fun together. It was a great opportunity to invite new families to church, and everyone loved it!"

Carolina Sastoque
G12 Church (Miami, Estados Unidos)

What does my package include?

It is completely digital and includes:

  • A general description of the party as well as its objectives.
  • Suggested set-up and description of the different stations and areas.
  • Detailed description of the costumes, activities, games and crafts.
  • Scripts for the hosts.
  • Complete schedule for the event.
  • Graphic content for the party: banners, character images, decor, social media.
  • Webinars (video calls) to plan and implement.
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