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Find Jesus throughout the entire Bible!

Inspired by the dream of raising a generation that knows and love the Word of God, the Little Big Heroes Bible was designed to help children explore the truth of Jesus and how He connects all the Bible.

The Little Big Heroes Bible is a collection of 52 Bible stories; 35 from the Old Testament and 17 from the New Testament. We wanted to focus all our attention on Jesus and His redemptive work. The children will learn a truth about Jesus in every story!

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Devocional para Familias Pequeños Héroes

Fall in love with the Word as a family!
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The Little Big Heroes Bible: Baby Edition

Baby's First Bible!
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Hero University

Train to be the best parent with our online courses. Be part of the Little Big Heroes' Parent Community and share with others your experience and challenges.

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How to teach the Bible to my children?

This course includes five short videos with some tips on how to study the Bible with your children, so that they can understand the message and know how to apply it in their lives.

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