Fall in love with the Word as a family!

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The perfect companion to the Little Big Heroes Bible!!

The Little Big Heroes Family Devotional is a guide with 52 devotions to do as a family. It includes a guide for each one of the stories in the Little Big Heroes Bible!

Every week, you and your children will learn and grow in your love for the Word together.

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The Little Big Heroes Family Devotional, Little Big Heroes Bible, and Jesus In Time Curriculum are all based on the same stories and are all in the same order. This way, you can go deeper and reinforce at home what your child learns at church.

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The Little Big Heroes Bible

Inspired by the dream of raising a generation that knows and love the Word of God, the Little Big Heroes Bible was designed to help children explore the truth of Jesus and how He connects all the Bible. The Little Big Heroes Bible is a collection of 52 Bible stories; 35 from the Old Testament and 17 from the New Testament. We wanted to focus all our attention on Jesus and His redemptive work. The children will learn a truth about Jesus in every story!

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Jesus in Time Curriculum

Jesus In Time is the Little Big Heroes’ latest curriculum for the churches. Tag along to a wonderful adventure to discover the Bible through 52 stories and find Jesus in each one. The curriculum follows the same order than the Little Big Heroes Bible and Family Devotional. That way, church and parents can work together and complement each other's work.

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The Little Big Heroes Bible: Baby Edition

Baby's First Bible!

This special edition has shorter stories with thicker, more durable pages, colorful illustrations and is written in rhyme. It includes 20 Bible stories, 12 from the Old Testament and 8 from the New Testament.

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