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Little Big Heroes Curriculums

Discover faith and the real heroes

It’s Little Big Heroes’ first curriculum, and its objective is to take the kids on a marvelous journey through the lives of 12 Bible Characters.

Each month, they'll explore the life of a Biblical Hero, how they exercised faith in God, how God developed their character and how they impacted their generation for Him.

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Know the Bible, discover Jesus
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Characteristics of our curriculums:

We know that the Children’s Ministry is much more than mere entertainment. It’s about forming the character of Christ in every child! Each one of our curriculums includes the material for a full year’s worth of work for different age groups. They all share the following characteristics:

Bible based

The Bible is the foundation for our Christian walk. We want our children to have a direct connection with the stories in the Bible. But it doesn’t stop there, we believe they have the perfect age to learn and memorize the Word of God.


Little Big Heroes is designed to be educational. We want them to learn and discover the Bible in their own way and enjoy the process of doing so. The kids play the leading role in every class, not the teachers.


There is nothing better for a parent than to have a child who longs to go to church weekend after weekend. We believe that church needs to be fun for everyone who attends, especially for the kids.

Little Big Heroes Parties

A very simple and fun way to reach new families and connect with your community.

Take a trip to discover who Jesus is and how He has impacted all of time. With stations based on different moments in Jesus’ life, this party will be exciting and a complete experience. It’s an opportunity to learn about Jesus and connect with Him, and of course, it will be a blast!

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