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Protecting our children

family kids parents protecting Jul 11, 2017

By: Rich Harding 

A while back, I picked up the phone and called my sister, which I don’t do very often. So I was surprised when I heard screams and tears, "I cannot talk right now, I'll call you later". She hung up at that very moment without waiting for me to respond. This took me by surprise. Knowing my sister, I knew that something serious had to be happening for her to respond that way. Trying to not think too much about it, I quickly prayed and placed the situation in the hands of God.


She called me a few hours later to explain what had happened. They had been at the park with her children and another family from church. The children were playing with branches, hitting the trees, when one of her kids let go of the branch. In an almost impossible shot, the branch hit their little friend from church, leaving her instantly unconscious. The parents panicked and called an ambulance, fearing the worst. To summarize the story, the girl was fine and had no...

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