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Kids like arrows

family kids parents Feb 22, 2019

By: Leonardo Chaves  

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth.”

Psalm 127:4


I read this verse many times when I was younger, but could barely understand it. I thought that children were just something good, and since I was one of them I felt very pleased. I thought, "Cool! I'm a blessing to my parents!"

Now that I am the father of three young children, I have begun to understand what the Lord wants to teach us through this passage.

Why does God compare children to arrows? Well, I can tell you, it seems that sometimes my children are unable to stay still. They run around the house without stopping, and sometimes I have to make an effort to avoid running into them and keep someone from getting hurt. In that way, they are a lot like arrows!

But, besides that, I believe God wanted to teach me much more through this comparison. That is what I want to share with you today.

I understood that children are like arrows because...

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Blow to Find!

family kids Aug 27, 2018

By: María Bonilla  

Have you ever taught a child to swim?

It is one of the most fun and exciting things to do. Some take risks, others are a little shy, some are afraid of water and others are afraid of everything.

On several occasions, I have had the privilege of teaching others how to swim. Not because I am an expert swimmer, but because it’s something I can do with ease. Teaching children to experience new and fun activities is not easy, but it is fun. I must earn their trust. We must overcome fear and find grace, because any small mistake can sow something negative in them. To swim, the first thing they need to learn is how to breathe.

With this simple game, your child will be able to stimulate their breathing. This is very important for the development of your child as it helps stimulate their articulatory organs (nose, mouth, larynx and cheek muscles). Organs that also participate in the development of speaking and encourage breathing.

Let’s play!


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In search of a story

bible family kids Aug 17, 2018

By: Santiago Rodríguez 

Today I will be sharing with you a very simple and fun activity you can do with just one child or a group of kids. It’s great for different ages and can be played and enjoyed many times.


The activity is called: In search of a story

The materials you will need are: Paper, a marker and a reward for the kids

The perfect place to do this: You can do this in a house or outdoors. The more space you have the better.


The objective of this activity is to hide the clues around the house. The clues will help the kids discover different parts of the story. After finding all of them, they need to put the parts in order and tell you the story. At the end, you can give them a candy, ice cream or a reward.




Choose a Bible story, for example the story of Moses.

Cut out a few pieces of paper, about 5 or 7.

Carefully think about the places you can hide them around your house.

On each piece, write a part of the story as...

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Why I think you’re the best mom...

By: Manuela Castellanos 

… Because you believe the best for each one of your children

God gave you the ability to see the best in everyone. I am a witness of how you only speak words that edify, motivate and comfort. You’ve always wanted the best for each one of your kids. You’ve motivated us to follow our dreams, develop our gifts and talents, and expect God’s best for our lives. This is why we are confident women in God who are fulfilling one purpose, and dreaming of seeing an entire generation connect to the Word.

… Because you fought the greatest battles and obtained the victory

I will never forget your attitude as we faced the greatest trial as a family; May 25, 1997, the day my dad was shot five times, and you were shot once. Although you were immediately released from the hospital, I remember seeing you as a warrior during the nights that followed. You rose up in prayer to fight for your husband and your family’s future. Your faith...

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A Letter to Chloe

By: Rich Harding 


Daughter, one month ago you arrived in our home.


God spoke to me about your birth and told me you would arrive in the Spring; and so it happened: you arrived on March 8th, 2018. With your dad, we prayed a lot for the name we would give you. At the beginning of the year, God told us that it would be a year of flourishing, that’s why we decided to name you Chloe, which means to flourish. We believe that your arrival to our home represents a new time for us. Just like when God’s ark was in Obed-Edom’s house and everything he did was blessed, your arrival represents a new time, where heaven came to our home and we see it reflected in you.


We Love You


Daughter, we love you with all our hearts.

Daughter, we are determined to guide you according to God’s word.

There’s nothing but gratitude to God in our hearts for giving us the opportunity to take care of you. To guide you on the right path which is Jesus, who...

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Will you Build or Destroy your Home?

“The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish tears it down with her own hands” (Proverbs 14:1).


There is a very big privilege God gave exclusively to man; the power of communicating through words. Words reflect what is in our heart, and as we use them, they paint a picture in our soul. With our words, we can create a beautiful painting or a completely atrocious display, there is no mid-point. Proverbs 18:21 says: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit”. The contrast is very noticeable: life or death. Our words have the power to bring comfort and healing, or destruction and cause wounds. Everything that comes out from our mouth produces hope or despair, blessing or curse.


God gave my husband, Rich, and I three beautiful children. Every day I have the choice to edify and bring out the best in them, or discourage them and bring bitterness to their lives. I have determined to always choose the...

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3 fun things you can do with Boys

One of the most important things in being a parent is learning to connect with our kids in order to demonstrate that love we have for them. Many issues stem from a lack of fatherhood in the lives of our children (Motherhood too but it’s true there are way less mother’s abandoning or ignoring their kids than Fathers). This has created a huge issue in the lives of young boys around the world, as they miss the most important male role model in their lives.


So how can you connect with your boys? It really depends on the temperament of your son but here are three things my boys love to do:



  • Sword fighting.


Yes I’m sure if you break this one out there will be some objections from the female contingent of your family, objections probably well founded... these games nearly always end up with some tears - but it’s worth it!!


The key to this activity starts with the buying process. Take your son or sons out to a toy store and let...

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3 Principles to Enjoy Raising your Children

family kids principles raise Oct 19, 2017

By: Manuela Castellanos 

I love the words of the preacher of Ecclesiastes:


“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)


I think that in His divine wisdom, God knew a team of two people was needed to raise children in the fear of God.


My husband and I have been married for five years, a time of complete blessing. In the beginning of our marriage, we said we’d wait three years before having kids, but God’s plans are higher than our own. Noah, our firstborn, was born one month after our first year anniversary...just a little sooner than we thought!


With the arrival of our children, my husband and I have learned a lot about teamwork. I think this has been a great blessing because the responsibility does not fall on just one person. Today, I want to share...

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Kids who change the world

family kids purpose Sep 05, 2017

By: Manuela Castellanos 

How many parents long to raise children who transform the world for God? Susanna Wesley did just that as the mother of John and Charles Wesley, two men used by God to change the world.


How did she do it?

She took responsibility to EDUCATE her children.


It took her more than 20 years raise her 19 kids! At the time, it was not common for women to receive education, but Susanna did not allow herself to be led by what the world did. She decided to educate all 19 of her sons and daughters. Today, she is recognized as the founder of what is known as Homeschool. Her main focus was to teach her children to love God above all things.


I believe that we fulfill our mission as parents when we teach our children to love God with all their heart. In regards to this Susanna said, “Lord, here are the children You gave me. Not one was lost because of my bad example, or because I neglected to impart the truth in their first years. I...

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Enjoy every stage!

By: Manuela Castellanos


August is a month of celebration and many birthdays for our family.


Noah, my oldest son’s birthday was the eight of this month. My little brother, Matias, also has a birthday in August as well as my brother-in-law, Laudijair. The amazing thing is that it feels like I gave birth to my son only a few days ago. Four years flew by!


When they asked Billy Graham what had been life’s greatest surprise, after being involved in the ministry for so many years, he replied: how short life is. I agree with him. Life passes by very quickly, the Psalmist said, “my days are like an evening shadow that goes away”. Our time on earth goes by very quickly, and the time we have our children with us at home is also very short.


I know what it takes to be a mom. Actually, I think it has been one of the greatest responsibilities in my life and the one that requires the most time from me. But not just time, motherhood demands A...

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