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Camping/hiking checklist

check list family hiking Jul 25, 2018


By: Rich Harding

Kids love camping, especially young boys. The sense of adventure, connect with nature fills them with excitement and respect for life - and it gets them off the console or iphone. It’s also a great way to connect with your boys as a father.


The other night I took my eldest out in woods to camp for the night (he’s 5 years old). It was great fun and he was so excited. I grew up camping with my dad, in woods, mountains, camp sites; you name it we camped it. I always have the fondest memories of my camping trips and later learnt to love being out in the wild and connecting with elements directly. I have a tonne of backpacking stories, but the real thing I remember is just being with my dad, learning to respect him and just having some fun together.


If you’re looking at trying to connect with your kids, especially if you have young boys, this is an awesome way to spend real quality time together and connect a bit deeper. But...

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