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Fun House

family fun house kids parents Jul 26, 2017

By: Ps. Rich Harding 

Back when I was a kid (not that long ago!!), there was a TV show I used to love watching with my sisters called Fun House. It was a kid's show where people applied to compete against each other. I just remember longing to be on that show. It was full of incredible games, go-karting, mazes of soft play. But i think my favourite part of the show came right at the end. The winners were sometimes allowed to 'gunge' one of their parents! (Maybe that was why my dad never let me apply!!).


But it does bring me to the question: How fun is your house and how far are you willing to go as a parent to make it fun? Our homes are the most important place on the earth. It is where we find refuge and security, it's where we go when there's nowhere else. The sad thing today is that so many homes have become places of pain and suffering. The atmosphere is heavy full of criticism and arguing. Everyone hides from each...

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