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Shield or Expose? Do you have a plan?

easter family Apr 26, 2019

By: Rich Harding

I’m writing this around Easter: The opportunity to teach our kids about what Jesus has done for us. 
The other day my wife was in the car, on the way back from church with our eldest son Noah (5). She looked back in the rearview and saw him with his eyes tightly shut, so she asked him what he was doing. “I’m trying to see God, common try with me.”
When she told me this, it moved me so much to think my son is stepping into that next stage of understanding the things of God for himself. No-one told him to close his eyes, or in fact that that’s how you connect with him, he just observed and absorbed through the environment that he is in.
One of the great parenting questions is what are you going to expose your kids to and what are you going to shield them from? All you have to do for them to be exposed to the world is turn on the TV, let them loose on Netflix, or simply let them accompany you to the...
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