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Try this… 4 steps to writing your devotional down

devotional family Jan 23, 2019

By: Rich Harding

So many people do their devotional and read their Bible, but they don’t write anything down. Before they even leave their house, they have forgotten the reference, the message and what they are going to do about it. The act of simply writing down what we are reading changes everything.


My experience has been when I commit to write down what God is saying to me and what I should do about it, my life starts to change. I almost guarantee that if you do this for a month, your life will change more than from any encounter or conference you could experience.


So why don’t we do it? First of all because it takes a long time; it can double or even triple you devotional time, thinking what you’re going to write, then putting pen to paper. Most people don’t have the time to spend the whole day writing. Then there’s the whole, “Where’s my notebook” or “Who took my pen!” when you’re right at the...

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5 tips for waking up early to do your devotional

devotional family Nov 05, 2018

By: Rich Harding

So we’ve all heard someone say, “I’m just not a morning person.” Maybe it’s you saying it! But the idea that waking up early as a virtue seems to be ingrained in our thinking. Often the most successful people in the world are considered ‘morning people’ and as Christians, it is one of the most essential steps to growing in our relationship with God. We know that we must have that quality time reading our Bibles and praying but we often never make it happen. You know the morning is the best time, and as you set your alarm every night you say to yourself, “Tomorrow I WILL force myself out of bed.” But after an hour of hitting snooze, you have to rush to get ready for work, or the kids come running into the room and jump on you (and for those with kids you know it’s game over when this happens).


I was much like this, really struggling to get out of bed, and have that quality time with God. But it was...

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Falling in love with the Word

devotional family Sep 07, 2018

By: Santiago Rodriguez 

The challenge for many parents or children’s leaders is trying to create in them solid spiritual habits. For example, reading the Word: What can I do to make them interested in reading the Bible?

Many times this seems impossible...but praise God it’s not! Loving the Word and establishing correct spiritual habits are things we can teach them and sow in them.

Today, I want to share a few tips on how you can help a child fall in love with reading the Word.

Start with short reading periods: The most important thing when reading is to be left wanting more. Start with 5 minutes and a few weeks later add 5 more, until you reach your goal reading time with your child.

Be consistent: All habits need consistency to stay habits. Some days will flow better or be more fun than others. But in order to reach our goal, we need to persevere. Reading the Word needs to be a daily habit.

Understand what it means to read: Reading is far from being a static...

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