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How to do your Book of Dreams with your kids!

By: Manuela Castellanos

This year God is motivating us to go back to the start. What does this mean? It means God is inviting us to dream again!

When God created us, He made us in His image and likeness. Just like He was able to see a world before even creating it, and then formed what we see today with His word, when He breathed life into us, He gave us the same ability to dream and create.


Something my father has always taught us is the importance of visualizing, of having clear images of what we want to reach. I understood this very well when he told me, “Daughter, faith is like a new language you learn. Just like there’s English, Korean, any many more languages, there is a language of faith that is expressed through visions and dreams.” This is the reason we do our book of dreams.


But, how can we do it with our kids?


  1. Make it creative

For this, it’s important to have elements that will help them be creative. With my son, we bought...

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