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In search of a story

bible family kids Aug 17, 2018

By: Santiago Rodríguez 

Today I will be sharing with you a very simple and fun activity you can do with just one child or a group of kids. It’s great for different ages and can be played and enjoyed many times.


The activity is called: In search of a story

The materials you will need are: Paper, a marker and a reward for the kids

The perfect place to do this: You can do this in a house or outdoors. The more space you have the better.


The objective of this activity is to hide the clues around the house. The clues will help the kids discover different parts of the story. After finding all of them, they need to put the parts in order and tell you the story. At the end, you can give them a candy, ice cream or a reward.




Choose a Bible story, for example the story of Moses.

Cut out a few pieces of paper, about 5 or 7.

Carefully think about the places you can hide them around your house.

On each piece, write a part of the story as...

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How to help your kids memorize the Bible

By: Ps. Manuela Castellanos 

It’s incredible to see how receptive kids are before turning 5 years old! The moment we become parents, we become full-time teachers. We model everything for our kids, that’s why they speak like we do; they have the same facial expressions they see at home and they even walk like we do!


We have the great opportunity and privilege of sowing in them the seeds of the Word.

But how do we accomplish this in a way that is not monotonous or boring?

1. Choose the moment

There are moments where my kids don’t want to know anything about memorizing a Bible verse, so I don’t try to force it. We need to know how to choose the right moment to do it. A lot of times, I’ve done it while we’re having breakfast or even at the park, it’s actually better when they don’t even notice!


2. Make it relevant

We need to help them make the connection between the Word and their needs. It’s important that...

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