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Why I think you’re the best mom...

By: Manuela Castellanos 

… Because you believe the best for each one of your children

God gave you the ability to see the best in everyone. I am a witness of how you only speak words that edify, motivate and comfort. You’ve always wanted the best for each one of your kids. You’ve motivated us to follow our dreams, develop our gifts and talents, and expect God’s best for our lives. This is why we are confident women in God who are fulfilling one purpose, and dreaming of seeing an entire generation connect to the Word.

… Because you fought the greatest battles and obtained the victory

I will never forget your attitude as we faced the greatest trial as a family; May 25, 1997, the day my dad was shot five times, and you were shot once. Although you were immediately released from the hospital, I remember seeing you as a warrior during the nights that followed. You rose up in prayer to fight for your husband and your family’s future. Your faith...

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