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3 Gifts for your Daughter

best gifts family parents Sep 04, 2018

By: Luisa Del Río

I have the great blessing of being the mother of María Alejandra, a beautiful and talented 14 year old. A few months ago, our conversations became all about the gifts she wants for her 15th birthday, a very unforgettable day for young girls!


Along with my husband, we want this day to be special for her. She wants a trip, a party, a phone; she wants it all. But we have decided to give her gifts that will leave a special mark in her heart.






It is of utmost importance for a daughter to be completely assured that no one loves her more or can protect her more than her dad, of course, other than God.


If she knows this, she won’t allow any man to hurt her. And when the time comes, the one who wants to take his place in her heart must meet a very high standard: the measure of her father’s love.


Sadly, many girls allow themselves to be mistreated in their...

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