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activity children family Sep 24, 2018

By: Maria Bonilla

I remember the first time I had a puppet in my hand, it was for a homework assignment in elementary school. My grandad helped me do it. This brings back fond memories of my childhood, because I was able to enjoy making it with him and playing with it together afterwards.


For kids, puppets are the characters that awaken their imagination. It’s a lot of fun that takes place on a stage they can be a part of. When we use them, we enter a wonderful world. We discover that we have another tone of voice, and in creating voices that we did not know we had, we discover that hiding is very fun and falling makes us laugh.


Let's make a quick and simple puppet!


There’s always a pair that is uneven. You lose one and you never know where to find it ...that’s right, we're talking about socks!


For our puppet we will use a sock that may have been left alone or abandoned. Here we will give it a special use. ;)


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