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3 fun things you can do with Boys

One of the most important things in being a parent is learning to connect with our kids in order to demonstrate that love we have for them. Many issues stem from a lack of fatherhood in the lives of our children (Motherhood too but it’s true there are way less mother’s abandoning or ignoring their kids than Fathers). This has created a huge issue in the lives of young boys around the world, as they miss the most important male role model in their lives.


So how can you connect with your boys? It really depends on the temperament of your son but here are three things my boys love to do:



  • Sword fighting.


Yes I’m sure if you break this one out there will be some objections from the female contingent of your family, objections probably well founded... these games nearly always end up with some tears - but it’s worth it!!


The key to this activity starts with the buying process. Take your son or sons out to a toy store and let...

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