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The Hardings (a little bit about our culture)

culture family Aug 17, 2018

By: Manuela Castellanos

My husband is British, I was born in Colombia, and our kids are American. As you can see, we are surrounded by a great diversity of culture and history. I think God gives something special to every culture, of which we can take really great things and improve others. For example, something I love about Colombians is that we are naturally very nice and warm people. But something we really need to improve is punctuality. To be “on time” for a Colombian generally means arriving 20 minutes later than what was arranged.


In the same way, every family has its own internal culture, customs or traditions that are passed on from generation to generation. Rich comes from a British family and I come from a Colombian family. Even though we both came from Christian homes, the moment we got married, a new person was created because the Word says, “and the two shall become like one person” (Genesis 2:24 CEV). In that moment, we began to create...

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Our next episode: David and Goliath, what has been the most difficult thing?

littlebigheroes new Aug 17, 2018

By: Johana Castro


Who doesn’t get excited about this story? An ordinary boy goes head to head against the greatest giant from the most fearsome people. A giant who has intimidated even the highest ranking military ... and the young boy is the one who wins!


Sometimes we feel like David did at that moment. The technical difficulties are high, the software does not want to work properly and we don’t know how to solve it. But just as God gave David a specific strategy, He also gives one to us.


We want to share with you two secrets that are taking us to the limit in this production:


  • Technical script


In addition to the script where the characters have their dialogues and the description of what is happening, we need a technical script that tells us the position of the camera, the characters, scenes or sequences, music and much more. Completing this script is always difficult because we must write out absolutely everything that happens and...

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Camping/hiking checklist

check list family hiking Jul 25, 2018


By: Rich Harding

Kids love camping, especially young boys. The sense of adventure, connect with nature fills them with excitement and respect for life - and it gets them off the console or iphone. It’s also a great way to connect with your boys as a father.


The other night I took my eldest out in woods to camp for the night (he’s 5 years old). It was great fun and he was so excited. I grew up camping with my dad, in woods, mountains, camp sites; you name it we camped it. I always have the fondest memories of my camping trips and later learnt to love being out in the wild and connecting with elements directly. I have a tonne of backpacking stories, but the real thing I remember is just being with my dad, learning to respect him and just having some fun together.


If you’re looking at trying to connect with your kids, especially if you have young boys, this is an awesome way to spend real quality time together and connect a bit deeper. But...

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How to do your Book of Dreams with your kids!

By: Manuela Castellanos

This year God is motivating us to go back to the start. What does this mean? It means God is inviting us to dream again!

When God created us, He made us in His image and likeness. Just like He was able to see a world before even creating it, and then formed what we see today with His word, when He breathed life into us, He gave us the same ability to dream and create.


Something my father has always taught us is the importance of visualizing, of having clear images of what we want to reach. I understood this very well when he told me, “Daughter, faith is like a new language you learn. Just like there’s English, Korean, any many more languages, there is a language of faith that is expressed through visions and dreams.” This is the reason we do our book of dreams.


But, how can we do it with our kids?


  1. Make it creative

For this, it’s important to have elements that will help them be creative. With my son, we bought...

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How to help your kids memorize the Bible

By: Ps. Manuela Castellanos 

It’s incredible to see how receptive kids are before turning 5 years old! The moment we become parents, we become full-time teachers. We model everything for our kids, that’s why they speak like we do; they have the same facial expressions they see at home and they even walk like we do!


We have the great opportunity and privilege of sowing in them the seeds of the Word.

But how do we accomplish this in a way that is not monotonous or boring?

1. Choose the moment

There are moments where my kids don’t want to know anything about memorizing a Bible verse, so I don’t try to force it. We need to know how to choose the right moment to do it. A lot of times, I’ve done it while we’re having breakfast or even at the park, it’s actually better when they don’t even notice!


2. Make it relevant

We need to help them make the connection between the Word and their needs. It’s important that...

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Why I think you’re the best mom...

By: Manuela Castellanos 

… Because you believe the best for each one of your children

God gave you the ability to see the best in everyone. I am a witness of how you only speak words that edify, motivate and comfort. You’ve always wanted the best for each one of your kids. You’ve motivated us to follow our dreams, develop our gifts and talents, and expect God’s best for our lives. This is why we are confident women in God who are fulfilling one purpose, and dreaming of seeing an entire generation connect to the Word.

… Because you fought the greatest battles and obtained the victory

I will never forget your attitude as we faced the greatest trial as a family; May 25, 1997, the day my dad was shot five times, and you were shot once. Although you were immediately released from the hospital, I remember seeing you as a warrior during the nights that followed. You rose up in prayer to fight for your husband and your family’s future. Your faith...

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Parents of honor

family parents May 23, 2018

By: Ps. Manuela Castellanos 

The rod and rebuke give wisdom, but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother. (Proverbs 29:15)

We live in a very busy culture. In previous generations, the father was the one who usually worked and the mom would stay at home and take care of the children. Nowadays, in most cases, both parents work full time.

This has caused this generation to cry out for something: ATTENTION. A lot of times their cry is expressed by misbehaving, throwing a tantrum or hiding behind TV shows, iPhones, social media or video games. What’s the result? Shame and dishonor for the parents.

Nevertheless, we should be thankful with God for the instruction book that teaches us how to raise kids that will bring honor, joy and reward to our home. The Word teaches us that the father’s responsibility is to provide, and the mother’s is to nourish. With Chloe, my two month old baby, my priority is literally to nourish and feed her. It is my daily...

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A Letter to Chloe

By: Rich Harding 


Daughter, one month ago you arrived in our home.


God spoke to me about your birth and told me you would arrive in the Spring; and so it happened: you arrived on March 8th, 2018. With your dad, we prayed a lot for the name we would give you. At the beginning of the year, God told us that it would be a year of flourishing, that’s why we decided to name you Chloe, which means to flourish. We believe that your arrival to our home represents a new time for us. Just like when God’s ark was in Obed-Edom’s house and everything he did was blessed, your arrival represents a new time, where heaven came to our home and we see it reflected in you.


We Love You


Daughter, we love you with all our hearts.

Daughter, we are determined to guide you according to God’s word.

There’s nothing but gratitude to God in our hearts for giving us the opportunity to take care of you. To guide you on the right path which is Jesus, who...

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7 pillars to build my house

By: Rich Harding 

“Wisdom has built her house,

She has hewn out her seven pillars” Proverbs 9:1


We all know the story of the three little pigs who built their houses. And the big bad wolf came to blow them down. The only one that did not fall was the house made of bricks. Something similar happens in today's families: only those with strong foundations remain until the end.


Today I will share seven pillars that have been the foundation for our family. I learned these seven principles in my house with my parents, and today I am trying to apply them in my own home.


  1. Fear of God

The fear of God means to place the Word of God as the center of our lives. The Bible is the handbook that will enable us to raise generations for God. In this regard, Dr. Dobson said: “I believe that the greatest contribution a father can make for his children is to plant in them a genuine faith for Jesus.” When I think of my own life and of everything my...

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His way or my way?

family god's way jesus way Apr 20, 2018

By: Manuela Harding 

Commit your way to the Lord,

Trust also in Him, and He will do it.

(Psalm 37:5 NASB)

Living with God is about relationship. The more we get to know Him, the more we will depend on Him. It means we must give Him complete control over every area of our lives, and allow Him to be the One to guide us to our destiny.

Naturally, we want to be in control and know the final result of where God is guiding us. But God is a God of processes. He may show us an overview of where He wants to take us, but the how-to is not quite clear. It’s a life of faith. It’s in the midst of the divine processes that our character is shaped, that is when we grow into His likeness.

The Hebrew word for commit is gâlal

The root word means to compromise, remove or step aside.

In other words, God invites us to step aside, give Him the steering wheel of our lives and let Him drive. In Him, our lives rest assured.

Have we truly given God complete control over our family?

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