The secrets behind a Little Big Heroes episode: Thinking like kids

littlebigheroes new Aug 26, 2018

By: Johanna Castro


The best way to describe the Little Big Heroes creators is to say they’re like kids. Our days are filled with illustrated books, collectible figurines and children's films. We appreciate the ability kids have to transform reality and approach everyone in a personal way. Who hasn’t given in to the tender look of a baby or a child’s request for candy? No matter how old we are, the ability they have to conquer us does not change. Therefore, a very important part of our day is directed not only to think about what content the children want to see, but also how we can communicate in the same way they do with every age group.


Our creative process varies because we can find inspiration in thoughts, dreams, in what we see at the park or simply in an idea we’ve had since childhood. What doesn’t change is the process we follow to develop the idea and turn it into a Little Big Heroes episode or video. We follow three steps that can help you develop any activity in a creative way. This process works for more than just animated programs. ;)


1. Imagine

When we have an idea, we let our imagination fly. We do not set limits and no matter how extreme or strange it may be, we do not hold back, because kids don’t. For them, cars do fly, dogs are all the colors of the rainbow and all of that makes sense. We can’t lose the ability to imagine because we serve a creative God, One who could think of all the colors we know, of all the species that we are still discovering and much more. Don’t limit your imagination, He didn’t!



2. Imitate

Once we have the idea and make sure it’s a good one, we make a reference video. That is, we record ourselves doing everything we have imagined ... strange as it may seem. Everything you see in Little Big Heroes has been acted out previously by an animator who brings out his inner child and uses his ability to observe to surprise the camera. This is how our characters’ movements look realistic. This video is the tool we use to create our characters’ gestures, actions and dialogues.


Maybe you are trying to learn a new technique or have doubts about what activities to do with your children. Part of the growth is in the observation. Don’t limit yourself! Observe, learn, imitate and master the art! Practice makes perfect, and many times that practice begins with imitating. After all, that’s what the kids do! There are few things that are as funny and interesting as seeing a child copy their parents’ gestures and faces.



3. Create

The last step requires excellence because we must not only create perfect content from every angle, but at this point, if we have not been rigorous in the previous steps, we will have problems. God teaches us that creation is perfect and complete; no matter how long it takes us, we must always finish what we started. Although there are times we feel some of the planes or characters are more difficult than others, that doesn’t mean we don’t have the ability to finish and create something perfect. Our Father has placed His nature in us and there’s nothing else we need.

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