The best path…

By: Manuela Castellanos 

God gave the woman something unique, especially as the mother of a home. She is the one who determines the nature of her home.


“But women will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety.” (1 Timothy 2:15 NIV)


What does this mean? The best way we can invest our time and lives is in raising children and a generation for God. This is the best way. God gave every mom the ability to influence and shape her children; we can have either a positive or negative effect on their lives. When we do this work, our own lives will be restored. This passage gives us a few basics on how to raise a home in the fear of God.



  • In love
  • In faith.
  • In holiness.



In love

I think the foundation for love is denying oneself. Every mom knows that from the moment the baby arrives, their personal needs are no longer a priority. We need to be willing to let go of our own plans. This lesson is seen clearly in the life of a man called Charles Mully. God placed a dream in his heart to help and do something for the orphans in Kenya. This moved him to sell everything he had to make it happen. This was not an easy thing for him and his family, for he was a millionaire. Despite this, he sold everything, gave up his life of business affairs, and decided to walk the path of faith. He walked the irrational path and today his organization, Mully’s Children Family, (MCF) has rescued more than 12,000 children who lived completely alone on the streets. (

In faith

When I think of this, I always think of my mom. She is a woman of faith, her faith is contagious; everyone who has the opportunity to be around her knows that her words, her transparency, and above all, her ability to look beyond the circumstances are the fruit of her life of faith. My mom understood that faith needs to proclaimed, which is why every word she has spoken over her daughters, have been words of motivation, exhortation and comfort.


In holiness

I once heard Derek Prince say, “Christianity is not about following a list of rules,” and I completely agree. We generally associate holiness with the things we CANNOT do. But, the truth is, that is not holiness. For me, holiness is intimacy with God the Father. When we see a bit of His nature and who He is, this will without a doubt have a great impact in our entire being. This is what the prophet Isaiah lived, as well as the apostle Paul. They saw just a glimpse of who God was and were never the same again. As a result, they lived their lives set apart for God. Growing my relationship with God in a real and personal way is the best thing I can do as a mother. Let’s live lives that reflect a God who is alive and real.

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