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family kids purpose Sep 05, 2017

By: Manuela Castellanos 

How many parents long to raise children who transform the world for God? Susanna Wesley did just that as the mother of John and Charles Wesley, two men used by God to change the world.


How did she do it?

She took responsibility to EDUCATE her children.


It took her more than 20 years raise her 19 kids! At the time, it was not common for women to receive education, but Susanna did not allow herself to be led by what the world did. She decided to educate all 19 of her sons and daughters. Today, she is recognized as the founder of what is known as Homeschool. Her main focus was to teach her children to love God above all things.


I believe that we fulfill our mission as parents when we teach our children to love God with all their heart. In regards to this Susanna said, “Lord, here are the children You gave me. Not one was lost because of my bad example, or because I neglected to impart the truth in their first years. I dedicated myself to teach them Your principles and Your virtue.”


I want to share with you a few things Susanna did to raise children who changed the world:


  • She started when the kids were 5.
  • She not only focused on general or academic knowledge, but taught them the importance of treating each other with great respect.
  • She had a strict routine: she demanded her children to study three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon, six days a week.
  • Good habits from an early age. In regards to this, she said, “I think it is cruel on behalf of the parents to allow their kids to develop habits they will later need to break.”


Few human beings have influenced the world like Susanna Wesley. The way she taught her son, John Wesley, greatly influenced his work and the Methodist movement, which resulted in a global revival.


The Methodist movement had many social accomplishments:

  • The establishment of private companies to help the poor.
  • The end of the exploitation of minors.
  • Abolishment of slavery.


The Methodist denomination has approximately 8 million members globally, along with hospitals and universities.


As parents, we can never underestimate what we sow in our kids at a young age. Many parents today think that educating our children is the school or church’s responsibility, or even the cell leader’s. But when we see this woman’s example, we understand that as parents we are the ones who can have the greatest positive influence on our children.


I motivate you to raise children who will change the world!

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