In search of a story

bible family kids Aug 17, 2018

By: Santiago Rodríguez 

Today I will be sharing with you a very simple and fun activity you can do with just one child or a group of kids. It’s great for different ages and can be played and enjoyed many times.


The activity is called: In search of a story

The materials you will need are: Paper, a marker and a reward for the kids

The perfect place to do this: You can do this in a house or outdoors. The more space you have the better.


The objective of this activity is to hide the clues around the house. The clues will help the kids discover different parts of the story. After finding all of them, they need to put the parts in order and tell you the story. At the end, you can give them a candy, ice cream or a reward.




Choose a Bible story, for example the story of Moses.

Cut out a few pieces of paper, about 5 or 7.

Carefully think about the places you can hide them around your house.

On each piece, write a part of the story as well as a clue that leads to the next paper (remember to not hide the first paper so you can give it to the kids).

Hide the papers around the house.

Give the kids the first clue and let the fun begin!

A few things to keep in mind:


Try to keep the game under 20 minutes to avoid the kids getting bored.

You can tailor the clues and difficulty according to the age and number of kids.

The reward needs to be a surprise and generate a great expectation in the kids while they play.

Your attitude is what matters the most! If you get into the game, the kids will too. Make them feel like the most intelligent detectives.

You need to make sure you can give the kids extra clues when they need them.

The game can include the kids making a decree of faith with each clue, and little things like this that will make the game more complete.

In the last clue, challenge them to look for the story in a printed Bible.


I always like to recommend that when finishing a game, the kids have some time to use a printed Bible. This will begin to teach them that everything must lead them to the Word of God. It will also create habits and spiritual disciplines.



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