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family memorize word of god Jan 11, 2019

By: Felipe Bernal 

One of the most effective strategies to memorize the Word, and keep it fresh in your mind and heart, is by writing it in visible places. Not in vain, the Lord told Habakkuk, "Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it" (Habakkuk 2:2).


You can do this simple, but very effective activity with your kids. It’s a fun way to decorate their Bibles and, at the same time, help them remember what God has spoken to them.


For this activity you will need:

¼ sheet of construction paper

¼ sheet of contact paper


Markers or colored pencils



To start, choose a Bible verse that has impacted your child's heart. Draw a rectangle 18cm long by 5cm wide on the construction paper, and carefully cut it out. The straighter the lines, the nicer it will look.


Once you have the rectangle, write the selected Bible verse on it and let the child's creativity soar to decorate it. They can use the markers and pencils, but also colored paper, glitter, stickers, etc. If you’re using glue to decorate, make sure to let it dry completely before continuing to the next step.


While our bookmark dries, measure a rectangle 20cm long and 12cm wide on the adhesive plastic (contact paper) and cut it out. Once the bookmark has dried, cover it completely with the adhesive paper. It is important that you do this very carefully so that there are no air bubbles trapped inside. Once covered with the adhesive plastic, trim the excess so that our bookmark is very well protected and looks good.


Now, your child has their very own personalized bookmark to use with their Bible or any other book. If you want to add another special touch, you can use a hole puncher to make a small hole at the top corner and loop through a string of colored wool. The great thing about this project is that you can create as many designs as you can imagine. The possibilities are endless!

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