A Letter to Chloe

By: Rich Harding 


Daughter, one month ago you arrived in our home.


God spoke to me about your birth and told me you would arrive in the Spring; and so it happened: you arrived on March 8th, 2018. With your dad, we prayed a lot for the name we would give you. At the beginning of the year, God told us that it would be a year of flourishing, that’s why we decided to name you Chloe, which means to flourish. We believe that your arrival to our home represents a new time for us. Just like when God’s ark was in Obed-Edom’s house and everything he did was blessed, your arrival represents a new time, where heaven came to our home and we see it reflected in you.


We Love You


Daughter, we love you with all our hearts.

Daughter, we are determined to guide you according to God’s word.

There’s nothing but gratitude to God in our hearts for giving us the opportunity to take care of you. To guide you on the right path which is Jesus, who will take you to encounter your Father.


Daughter we know you don’t belong to us; You are the Heavenly Father’s little girl, He trusted us with your life and we will strive to give you the best. We will be faithful parents, and give you everything we once received from our parents love for God and His Word.  


We pray that God fulfils every promise He made for your life:


  1. To be a great woman of God.
  2. To be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  3. That through your life, many will come to know the Lord.
  4. To have Elijah’s anointing to bring the hearts of the parents back to the hearts of the sons.
  5. To prepare the way for the Lord’s coming.


With love,


Your Parents Rich &  Manu 😀

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