3 Gifts for your Daughter

best gifts family parents Sep 04, 2018

By: Luisa Del Río

I have the great blessing of being the mother of María Alejandra, a beautiful and talented 14 year old. A few months ago, our conversations became all about the gifts she wants for her 15th birthday, a very unforgettable day for young girls!


Along with my husband, we want this day to be special for her. She wants a trip, a party, a phone; she wants it all. But we have decided to give her gifts that will leave a special mark in her heart.






It is of utmost importance for a daughter to be completely assured that no one loves her more or can protect her more than her dad, of course, other than God.


If she knows this, she won’t allow any man to hurt her. And when the time comes, the one who wants to take his place in her heart must meet a very high standard: the measure of her father’s love.


Sadly, many girls allow themselves to be mistreated in their relationships because they lacked their father’s love and protection. They think that to be loved they need to put up with everything. But that is certainly not how it is. Fathers, love your daughters and teach them how valueable they are. Teach them they cannot allow any man to hurt their self-esteem and integrity!






It is so important for girls to learn to love themselves. They need to know they are so valuable God took the time to make them Himself and gave them each a unique essence no one else has.


Teach them to love themselves, to not compare themselves to models or celebrities, their friends or family members. Every chance you get, let her know she is unique, beautiful, pretty, and powerful.


Let her be a girl and play with dolls; enjoy every stage of her development. Don’t mature her too early. Enjoy the pretty dresses with her, braiding her hair, the girly games and activities. Don’t try to dress her as a grown up, or speak to her about being sexy or that her body gives her worth --and much less that it will open doors for her--.


Let her enjoy her feminity and the beauty of being a woman. Don’t obsess her with beauty and the beauty stereotypes that the world promotes.






I love Proverbs 31 in the New Living Translation. It speaks of a woman who is prepared, able to make her own decisions, an entrepeneur, a leader, powerful and feminine. I desire so much for my daughter to become that woman!


That is why our daughters need their strength to come from their self-value and from the purpose God has for them. But, we also need to equip them with tools for life.


We need to teach them the value of hardwork, education and work. Teach them that sometimes they will fall, that things will not always go their way, but this does not mean failure. It means growing, learning and maturing.


Teach them that their strength and power are in God, with Him they will soar high and make their dreams come true. Teach them they are worthy, loved, worth more than gold and that no one, absolutely no one, can lessen their value.


Teach them to enjoy the beauty of their feminitity and that this does not make them weak. It makes them strong, able to overcome the world without fear of the future, and confident to write their own story by the hand of God.

She is clothed with strength and dignity,

and she laughs without fear of the future.

When she speaks, her words are wise,

and she gives instructions with kindness.  Prov. 31:25-26

With love,

Luisa Del Río

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