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We strongly believe that this society has two great needs, strong godly families and God’s Word. We are working tirelessly to develop resources that impact our generations with God’s Word one family at a time, in order to bring a change to our society.

Take a look at how we are impacting the world through the Little Big Heroes.

The Little Big Heroes Family

47 Countries

Our family has members from Africa, North and South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. We are on all six continents!

550 Churches

Use our curriculums weekly in their Kids Zones.

400.000+ Families

Enjoy the safe content on our webpage and YouTube channel (available in English and Spanish).

Our Church and Pastor

Little Big Heroes was born out of the International Charismatic Mission in Bogota, Colombia. Over thirty years ago Pastor Cesar Castellanos started the church in his living room with only 8 members. Now ICM has over 100,000 members and has become one of the fastest growing churches in the world. His dream of having a huge church through cells and groups of 12s has spread around the world and become an inspiration for many Churches worldwide.

Just over three years ago we saw a great need for safe, Bible based content that helps us as leaders and parents to raise up the next generation in God’s word. Every member of our team is either a pastor or leader within the church. We love God, we believe Jesus is the answer, and we know there is power in His Gospel.

Who are We?

More than a team, Little Big Heroes is a large family. We all work together to conquer our dream of impacting the upcoming generations through our resources.

Editorial Team

Manuela Castellanos
CEO (@manuela18)

Growing up as a PK (Pastor’s Kid) Manuela has always known what it means to be a “Christian” kid. Now marrried with three kids, she has seen a great need for the Church to raise up godly, biblical families around the world. Both that experience and need have led Manuela, along with her husband Rich (also a PK) to start Little Big Heroes.

Manuela is focused, goal orientated and full of fun, three things essential to help her reach and raise her desired 6 kids! She graduated from Regent University with a degree in Christian Ministry and is currently studying forms of teaching and pedagogy. She is passionate about God and passionate about kids. Oh and colombian coffee.

Rich Harding
CEO (@richarding)

The Brit of the group, Rich migrated to the United States and fell head over heals for a beautiful Colombian girl. Seven years and three kids later, Rich along with his wife Manuela, started Little Big Heroes with the goal of changing society one family at a time.

Since getting married, Rich has grown as a Pastor in both Bogota, Colombia and Miami, US, has learnt Spanish and has given up his lifelong love of British Tea for Colombian Coffee (love conquers all). Richard is a certified TEFL teacher, and holds a graduates degree in Theology from Durham University, UK.

Juan Sebastián Rodríguez
Chief Editor (@jsrw12)

Juan Sebastian is a husband, father, editor, translator, content creator, writer and above all son of God and servant of Jesus Christ. He loves to read, and enjoys cooking, traveling and learning new languages. His favourite book is, obviously, the Bible.

He does a lot of thinking, but little speaking…

He really enjoys carrying out DIY projects with his wife; if he could he would build his own house brick by brick. He trains his son in extreme sports, like crawling up stairs and climbing over furniture.

Oh, and he is Santiago´s brother!

Juan Camilo Echeverría
Media Director (@juankaem)

Juan Camilo´s passion is to preach about Jesus. He is an avid reader (and hates to lend his books), and loves football, long live Real Madrid! He married in 2019 to the woman of his dreams (even though she is a Barcelona fan!).

Juan graduated in Media with emphasis on Cinema and digital Marketing. He is in charge of producing all media content (audio and visual) for Little Big Heroes.

Juan is a youth leader in church and is loves to laugh… nearly all the time!

Daniel Durán
Senior Designer (@duranpdsam)

Daniel has been in the design business for over 15 years, with the last three dedicated to strengthening the foundations of the next generation through the practical tools developed in Little Big Heroes.

He is enthusiastic, creative and firmly believes that the family is the foundation of society. Daniel is married and has a 6 year son with his wife. He loves to cook, play extreme sports as well as running. His dream is the run the Boston Marathon in 2020, the oldest race in the world.

Laura Rodríguez
Sales Director (@lala_rodriguezr)

Tied the knot 6 years ago and now lives out the greatest idea of God – marriage. Laura loves coffee and doughnuts. She loves to ensure that everything she does is organized, well decorated and colorful. She loves to watch basketball, and animated movies (all of them!!).

She has led social work in the Colombian capital, Bogota for several years, largely focusing on children. Today she has dedicated herself to the millions of children around the world who desire to be loved and protected, showing them the love of Jesus and the salvation that comes from him through Little Big Heroes. In church she is a leader in the pre-adolescent ministry.

Laura holds a degree in Marketing and International Business, specializing in Marketing management.

Marcela Vargas
Graphic Designer

Marcela is creative and passionate about design. She sees design as a means of expressing and communicating who we are. She is uncomplicated but pays great attention to detail. She loves drawing, calligraphy, and colors that give life to any type of canvas.

Marcela is responsible, dedicated and committed to carry out whatever she says she will do. Her goal in whatever she sets out to do is this: excellence.

She loves to spend time with her family and play soccer with her friends.

Carolina Varela
Business Manager (@kharo12)

Carolina is passionate about serving and handing over her talents to be used by God. For her, Little Big Heroes has become her call and the place she has learnt to grow in every area of her life.

32 years old, 12 of which she has been married! Her greatest privilege has been to become a mother to Luciana, her first child, after being told by Doctors that it would be impossible – Nothing is impossible for our God! Along with her husband she is heavily involved in the ministry in church as a youth leader, in order to impact and transform generations.

Santiago Rodríguez Wilches
Content Creator (@santirowi)

Son, friend, leader and future pastor. He is passionate about life, faith and hope. He loves to write, play sports, the arts and singing (although the last one he doesn’t do that well!) His biggest dream is to be a father and form a great family.

Santiago likes anything that is out of the norm.

He left university seeking further means of learning and developing his talents. HE found the answer in Little Big Heroes, where he has dedicated himself to write but also to research and learn innovative means of child education.

Writer, editor and style corrector… Oh, and he is Juan Sebastian´s brother!

Animation Team

Diego Gómez
Director of G12 Animation Studios (@dggmz)

Diego is in charge of making everything happen. He is bold and charismatic, always has a story to tell and an usual way of making our breaks very active. He is passionate about animation, soccer and the gospel. He is married to Lala, the newest member of VisionArt. Their marriage is an example in everything, especially how they’ve built it upon the Rock, Jesus.

He loves to give us special missions, which actually means more work. But he makes it sound so interesting and challenging that the special missions are not a burden, but a something exciting to get done. None of this would be possible without his dedication and passion.

Carolina Sanabria
Production and 3D Animator Coordinator (@kari_sang12)

Caro is a graphic designer and 3D animator. Her organizational skills are like no other, we don’t know what we’d do without her in the animation studio, plus she’s been here since the very beginning!

She loves Japan and their culture, so much so that her wedding (which was not too long ago) was Japanese themed, full of cherry blossoms! She loves ramen and sushi…actually, she just loves food in general 😛

She has a curious personality and works hard to solve puzzles, in real life or video games and movies.

She’s the gal who knows everything that’s going on in the studio, she’ll always have the answer to any question.

Andrés Torres
Video Post-producer (@andrest12)

He’s a great cook, he likes to spend time with his family and express his love with every dish he prepares. He also loves to fix everything around the house. He’s a quick learner, and because of it he was able to fix his microwave and car radiator.

He is kind, spontaneous and has great communication skills. He is dedicated to his job and is very detailed in his projects. He is skilled in his hands, because his feet are not very good for dancing!

He loves to sing with his wife, they are both part of Generacion 12. He studied multimedia design, animation, and movie production. His video making skills are amazing!

Camila Cendales
3D Modeler and Animator (@cami_cendales)

She likes landscapes, nature and animals, but definitely not insects! She has a very contagious laugh, loves people easily, and you can expect a few tears every time she remembers sweet moments. She loves food and is always looking to try new things. She is part of the team that makes the Little Big Heroes songs we like so much.

She likes to spend time with her family, and of course, loves animated movies! Although, she also likes suspenseful films. Her short term goal is to learn how to ride a bike :P, speak English and continue studying animation.

She studies serigraph and 3D animation.

Johanna Castro
Communications (@johacastrok)

Johis makes the best cupcakes and cakes in the world. She is an excellent friend, very funny and always has a witty comment to add. Her personality captivates you and creates one of a kind moments when you’re by her side. She has excellent communication skills, can sometimes pull your leg, but you can always count on her honesty.

She loves mexican food, and of course, sushi. She also loves to travel. We’re not sure what we’d do without her; she’s got the gift to teach us and have fun at the same time. She is very crafty, has a lot of patience to instruct and a big heart to help others.

She is a pastry chef and communicator.

Camilo Ocampo
Storyboard artist, 2D and 3D Animator (@ccopcamilo)

He studied graphic design, animation and illustration. He is passionate about Colombia’s history and cinema art. Riding his bike up the mountains is his passion, as well as playing with his kids, his wife and his doggy. His loud and lively laugh, as well as his servant’s heart make him very valuable to the team. He is very welcoming and always makes everyone feel at home.

He loves to listen to music while he works because he says that every day has its own soundtrack. He is the one in charge of introducing the studio to music no one has ever heard before. He really likes soccer and is a great goalkeeper. Playing with him is so fun and uplifting because he is a great motivator. Since he was in school, he dreamt of studying plastic arts, but thanks to a professor and a great book, he chose 2D animation. It was thanks to this decisión and after a lot of hard work and persistence that he became part of the animation studio.

John García
Director of character animation, 3D Animator (@jiret12)

He directs the animation of our characters. He studied multimedia engineering and specialized in animum as an animator for movie characters. He is always willing to teach others, and he’s so good at it! He’s not a very good dancer, but a dance academy is actually where he met his wife. According to him, it was by the mercy of God!

One of the hardest questions for him to answer is what is his favorite animated film. But if he had to choose one it would be How to Train Your Dragon. He really admires Glen Keane’s work as an artist. 

He loves soccer and would’ve been a professional soccer player if he would have been a little taller. He loves sushi, chocolate and bread…but not all together 🙂

Linda Martínez
3D Animator (@soymartinezrey)

She likes superheroes and action movies, it’s no surprise she works in Little BIg Heroes. She loves food and her favorite fruit is watermelon. She serves the Lord with all her heart by being a youth leader and using her talents, not only in animation, but in production as well. Her favorite person is her sister Laura, and although she may come across as someone serious, she has a great sense of humor! She loves to walk and discover new places.

She is a visual designer and is on the team who makes the animated songs for our channel.

Sneider Rincón
Render and Lighting (@rincon_sneider)

He loves big plates of chinese rice, riding his bike and spending time with his family. He has two kids, who are the biggest Little Big Heroes fans. He’s been married for 15 years and has a dog named Yondy (yepp, like the character from Guardians of the Galaxy).
He is passionate about learning and never says no. He is always willing to serve, very creative, doesn’t stays still and is always moving forward.

He studied software development and programming and is now studying network security. He loves video games, especially Paladins.

Steven Aguirre
Rigger and 3D Animator (@stivenaaguirre)

Steven has a surprising ability to concentrate, is very bright and loves video games. When he was 13 he thought, “I could surely create my own video games”. That is when he discovered his love for coding and animation. When he began learning, he had the biggest scare of his life. He downloaded a free software for video games, but then a notification popped up on the screen that said it was $1000! For months he feared the arrival of the bill (remember he was only 13)…only to later understand that it was the price for the PRO version.

He studied 3D animation because he is passionate about character animation. For him, nothing compares to seeing a character come to life, laugh, run and jump. He is always learning new things, which is why he is the one in charge of adding bones and articulations to our characters for them to move. He loves berry ice cream, pizza and orange chicken.


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